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Twinning Update Emmasdale Church United Church of Zambia

The recommended route for the transfer of donated monies is through the Central Offices of our church, through World Mission Council. They will get it to the Central Offices of the United Church of Zambia with instructions that it is to go to Emmasdale Congregation and for what cause.

A list of suggested causes to support from the Presbytery minutes for October, 2016 include that

i)                   Emmasdale congregation needs financial help to build its new church building. ii) Emmasdale congregation needs help to support its outlying congregations and preaching points. iii) Mafuwa community needs help to have a borehole and pump to bring water to the village. iv) Mafuwa community needs help to finish building their school – they need cement, window and door frames , windows and doors and a roof. v) Njase girls’ secondary school needs help to resource their school and also would enjoy internet contact with other   schools. vi) Kafue boys’ secondary school needs the same. vii) the orphans at Mufawa, orphaned because of HIV/Aids.

It is better for administrative purposes if we gather and transfer monies from the presbytery rather than having a series of transfers from individual congregations going to Edinburgh perhaps at the one time.

At least one congregation are interested in supporting the water project.

Emmasdale congregation have agreed to supply details about costs required, to allow us to determine more accurately what we might aim for.

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