Kinlochleven Parish Church

Prayer Diary

APRIL 2017

  Sunday 2nd Those mourning the loss of someone dear to them.

Monday 3rd The after school Christian club at Kinlochleven.

Tuesday 4th Kinlochleven High School, for a Christian input.

Wednesday 5th   For our teachers and youngsters as term ends; the school service in Nether Lochaber.

Thursday 6th  For housebound people, and those in care homes.

Friday 7th  That the refugee families would continue to experience a warm welcome.

Saturday 8th  For any who feel lonely or depressed.

Saturday 9th  Palm Sunday: we might affirm Jesus our king.

Monday 10th May our witness this week be united and strong.

Tuesday 11th  For youngsters swotting for exams, and teachers supporting them with extra lessons.

Wednesday 12th  On this day in 1496 Jews were expelled from Syria. Pray for Jews and Christians in Syria today.

Thursday 13th Recall how Jesus ate a meal with his disciples and washed their feet.

Friday 14th  ‘With a loud cry Jesus died’. Consider how he suffered on the cross.

Saturday 15th   We wait quietly with the disciples as Jesus lay in the tomb.

Sunday 16th  ‘I was dead but now am alive for evermore.’ (Revelation 1:18) Christ is risen. He is risen indeed!

Monday 17th For the overcoming of obstacles to the rebuilding in Nepal after the 2015 earthquakes.

Tuesday 18th For growth in our church families, in numbers and in faith.

Wednesday 19th Emmasdale Church, Lusaka, Zambia.

Thursday 20th Honest Conversations. Mission and Belief in Dialogue, Church of Scotland conference in Glasgow, on theological differences among Christians, Jews and Muslims and how we can move beyond them as we journey together.

Friday 21st For enough money to meet our needs.

Saturday 22nd    For people to take on jobs in our churches unfilled or to become so.

Sunday 23rd For joyful worship.

Monday 24th     For the Nether Lochaber craft group.  

Tuesday 25th   That all our schools would do religious education and observance

Wednesday 26th   For Christian activity centres, especially Glencoe Outdoor Centre.

Thursday 27th For Matthew Prosser, Two Lochs project.

Friday 28th  For Russell and Margaret Barr at the end of the Moderatorial Year.

Saturday 29th The weekend of the pre-65 trials, for our contacts with the visitors.

Sunday 30th  For good attendances and joyful praise.




























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