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During Holy Week and at Easter we follow Jesus and the disciples throughout that long week that brings Gethsemane, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter morning. In it are very human moments of frailty and sorrow. One interesting feature is how the women were present at the cross and were first to visit the empty tomb. In John’s Gospel Mary Magdalene stands outside weeping, thinking that the body of her Lord had been stolen. She confuses the risen Lord for the gardener, and it is only when Jesus calls to her by name, ‘Mary’, that she replies, ‘Rabboni’, ‘my teacher’. The title conveys honour, respect and love. The contemporary poet Malcolm Guite celebrates the moment in his sonnet:   

He blesses every love which weeps and grieves

And now he blesses hers who stood and wept

And would not be consoled, or leave her love’s

Last touching place, but watched as low light crept

Up from the east. A sound behind her stirs

A scatter of bright birdsong through the air.

She turns, but cannot focus through her tears,

Or recognise the Gardener standing there.

She hardly hears his gentle question ‘Why,

Why are you weeping?’, or sees the play of light

That brightens as she chokes out her reply

‘They took my love away, my day is night’

And then she hears her name, she hears Love say

The Word that turns her night, and ours, to Day

(Malcolm Guite Easter Dawn)

 May we come to the awareness that Jesus calls us by name, that we love him and that he loves us. We share the frailties and failures of the disciples, but also the conviction that despite the darkness of Good Friday, Jesus rose and is alive. May your Easter celebration bring peace and joy,


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