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Baptism is the appointed means of entry into the Christian church. It is given once only. 

Baptism is a special ceremony called a sacrament. It is a sign or assurance of God's love to us.

When adults seek baptism for themselves they will be offered instruction in the Christian faith. If you would like this we will be happy to provide something appropriate to your needs.

Often parents bring their baby for baptism, or to have their baby 'christened'.

When parents opt for baptism they are taking a promise to bring up their child in the Christian faith. The baptism is just the beginning.  Bringing your child up in the faith is an important duty for a Christian parent, and we are keen to support parents by providing suitable age-related activities and learning experiences. We would encourage you to consider this. Please speak to the minister if you are interested in having your child baptised. 


This beautiful stained glass window in our church reminds us of how Jesus welcomed children, blessed them and affirmed them as people of faith. 

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