Daily Reflection Two

Many of us were shocked to see pictures yesterday of a derailed train near Stonehaven, thought to be from a landslip caused by downpours of torrential rain. Cars were piled up against each other outside Kirkcaldy’s Victoria Hospital after thunderstorms caused a flood; a landslide pushed caravans down the slope at Pettycur Bay caravan site at Kinghorn. There’s a connection to that site here; a family in Kinlochleven were once wardens there.


So quickly weather changes and wreaks havoc. We speak about the fragile earth. The earth is vulnerable to natural events and human activity; causing erosion, deforestation, flooding, and changes to the amount of land useful for agriculture.


But equally human life is fragile. We are fragile. The planet will survive longer than we as individuals. Unexpected and undesirable events knock us off course.


Rather than dealing with the question why does it happen, our faith helps us deal with the adverse and unfortunate things that arise.


The Bible speaks of being strengthened with God’s power and having fortitude, patience, longsuffering with joyfulness. There are two sorts of patience in the language of the New Testament: there is fortitude or conquering patience so that we can deal triumphantly with the adverse things that happen.


And there is patient endurance, being able to deal patiently but firmly with people, not allowing ourselves to be driven to bitterness or despair by their excesses.  Perhaps we should aim at that.


Through prayer we can allow these qualities to develop. With the grace and power of Jesus in us, his radiance and goodness can shine through.