News and Intimations

This Sunday Worship is at 10am The service will be livestreamed 

 Those who wish to watch on facebook will find us at  Many of you will simply use the printed sheet at home, and some will have the means to watch it but whatever it is good to remember that we are one as God’s people.

If you would prefer to receive the mailings electronically please send a message to the minister on

The minister is happy to be contacted anytime.

Wednesday Knit and Natter 2pm in the hall all welcome

The next prayer meeting is on Tuesday 3 August at 7pm continuing in Mark 1 - all welcome


Below you will see Isabel's poppy fall and Chris's 90 poppies at the window for 90 years of the church.

Remembrance 2020Remembrance 2020Remembrance 2020Remembrance 2020Remembrance 2020




Thank you to those who continue to support the church with your offerings. If you are bringing or handing in several weeks’ together it’s easier if you put it together into the one envelope. Thank you to those who have set up regular standing orders. Remember if you are sending an offering by cheque make it payable to your church.

 Friday 26 February

Lord Jesus, we thank You for the advice in the book of James that if we find ourselves in trouble, we should pray to You. But equally, when we are happy and things are going well, may we not forget to praise and thank You.


Saturday 27 February

More advice today, Jesus, that we should develop a listening ear and be slow to speak on the spur of the moment. Forgive us for the times when we have been wrongly angry and said things which are hurtful to others. It might be easy to love our neighbours but You ask us to love our enemies. The writer James tells us that we should pray for wisdom.

Sunday 28 February

O Lord, we can’t be in church today to sing this hymn but it could be true in our own homes. “Be still, for the presence of the Lord, the Holy One is here; come bow before Him now with reverence and fear; in Him no sin is found – we stand on holy ground. Be still, for the presence of the Lord, the Holy One is here.”