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We seem to have moved from a late Easter quickly into the next month that bring good weather, blossom, spring lambs, and motorbike trials. As I write the village is busy and bustling and the sound of engines being revved up competes with bird song. Lots of people are having fun, and that is worth any temporary interruptions. On a more personal note it is countdown to my wedding day!

Easter 2019 was overshadowed by the bombings in Sri Lanka. It was monstrous that churches and Christians were targeted in a planned operation. 45 children died and over 200 adults. We might wish to dismiss this as an aberration. Sadly it is becoming the norm. Persecution against Christians and churches is reality in many countries. The Prince of Wales referred to the numbers of persecuted believers in his Holy Week article in the Daily Telegraph.

Two years ago in Egypt, 45 people were killed in churches in Tanta and Alexandria. In 2016 75 died in an attack in a park in Lahore where families were celebrating Easter.

It is important that we do not lose hope. Jesus warned his disciples that they would face challenging circumstances. There would be persecutions and nations in conflict, but he said his followers should not be troubled: these things would come, but they should persevere to the end.

As Sri Lankan MP Abraham Sumanthiran commented after the Easter attacks in Colombo, ‘We believe in Jesus Christ who came into this world, suffered as we do and took the worst of evil onto himself and was crucified unjustly. But he defeated all evil through self-sacrificial love. This is what we celebrate at Easter, Resurrection day’.

The resurrection of Jesus is a powerful sign that God’s power brings something greater than evil and cruelty. With Christ’s power and inspired by his example we will not allow the darkness of hatred to overwhelm us. Serving our crucified and risen Saviour we are motivated to learn his ways, and offer deeds of kindness, strive for justice, and practise love, compassion and mercy.

Malcolm Kinnear, minister.

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