Kinlochleven Parish Church

Some of the guiding principles of our life together

The Bible is central to our understanding of the world and of human life. We read it and teach it as the authoritative and inspired Word of God. All our ideas are to be tested by what Scripture has to say. Through the Bible we are able to worship God in a way that is pleasing to him because it is based on his self-revelation of himself in the context of a relationship with us his people. The way in which this works is that we agree to serve God, to follow in his ways, and to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and master. The Christian call to discipleship is not a little bit of religion to add flavour to the rest of life. It is a radical invitation to deny self, to die to self, and become one with Jesus Christ. He died and rose again that in him we might die to sin and live with him in a new life. We are not accepted because of our goodness but because of God's love and mercy, which for us is totally undeserved. But God is good and he longs for us to come to him. He imparts himself through his Spirit enabling us to discover his purposes in the Bible and in our life in church. By God's grace and love we are adopted into his family, declared right through Christ, and assured that our lives are held secure in God's love.

Through belonging to Jesus by faith we are bound together in a fellowship or family of faith.   

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