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 Saint Mun or Munda     Eilean Munde


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Eilean Munde is an uninhabited burial island in Loch Leven. It is associated with an Irish saint and missionary, Fintan Munnu or Saint Munda. He was a contemporary of Saint Columba. Fintan Munnu came to Scotland in 579 AD. He spent some time on this island and a chapel was linked to his time there. He moved further south to start a monastery near Dunoon, and then returned to Ireland where he started a monastery in what is County Wexford. It is said that he suffered various ailments including a dreaded skin disease. He was a man of great spiritual fervour, having received the gifts of prophecy and healing, and it is said that angels appeared to him. He died on 21st October 635 so his feast day is 21 October.

An early Christian writing sums up his story:

Splendid flame with the fervour of the Fathers,
Fintan, true and tested gold,
Telchán’s son, strong, abstinent,
a battle-soldier, trustful, crucified.

He was not literally a soldier or crucified but his whole life was seen as a form of martyrdom, or crucifixion, a way of following Jesus.

The little church on the island was burned down in 1495 and was subsequently rebuilt. It was in use for worship services until 1653. The island became the burial ground for the Stewarts of Ballachulish, the MacDonalds of Glencoe and the Camerons of Callart.

Reading Isaiah 12:2 Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the Lord is my strength and my sing; he also is become my salvation.

Prayer Loving and gracious God as we learn about Fintan Munnu we give thanks for the way he showed rugged and determined courage in living out the path of discipleship. Help us to remain sure and steady in our faith and lead us into all that you intend for us. May your Spirit enable us to be disciples of Jesus in whatever ways and places you desire. This we ask through the same Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.