A Christian marriage service conducted by the parish minister does not have to be held in the church but it is both a lovely setting and very appropriate to seek God's blessing in the church.

It is a good thing to seek God's blessing as you enter married life.

If you would like a Christian marriage service and have a connection with the church or village we would be glad to see what we can offer. And even if you do not we may be able to help.

If you opt for a wedding in the church there will normally be a fee for the use of the building and for the organist and church officer.


As the parish church we are here for everyone in the parish, not just for the people who come regularly to church. In a time of bereavement the most natural place to turn to for consolation, strength and meaning is the church. We can help you with practical arrangements, such as making contact with the registrar, and funeral director if you have no done so.
As the church we are here for you throughout the time of bereavement, and beyond.  
During lockdown we are restricted in what we can do so you will need to discuss with the funeral director the arrangements they can permit.
A service is a normal part of the process of saying goodbye when a loved one has died. There are numerous possibilities about the format, content and place for such an act of worship. We will be happy to explore what you would be comfortable with, including the choice of music, readings, hymns, and prayers. While there is flexibility in what you might choose to be included, any service led by the minister will have a Christian content.

When funerals can resume in the church there is normally a charge to cover heating and lighting, and to pay for the services of an organist and church officer. The current fee is £110 (reduced to £60 for church members).